Rock and Roll Geek Show 350 – Special Guest Casey

My friend, bandmate and Bangin With Butler Cohost Casey Crenshaw is a guest on this show. We talk a lot of rock, read some emails, play some audio comments , do a Listening With Butler and play a lot of great tunes.
Music By:
Van Halen
Echo of Souls
G.G. Allin
The Star Spangles

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One thought on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 350 – Special Guest Casey

  1. Ha ha! I love it! Casey is a great co-host and true shitty dude!

    “She had a bad record collection so I never called her back.”

    But a note to Casey, if the girl is willing to get naked and fingerbanged you could have definately closed the deal!

    And Michael congratulations once again on your mention in Classic Rock Magazine’s May 2009 edition.

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