Rock and Roll Geek Show 335 – Angry Anderson Interview Part 1

An interview with the great Angry Anderson of Australian rock n roll band Rose Tattoo.

Rose Tattoo Website


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9 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 335 – Angry Anderson Interview Part 1

  1. Hey Mike,
    Happy you did it !!!
    Angry sounds in a better form than with me last June…good news !
    And you well managed the interview to have more details than about what he was ready to speak…:)

  2. Fantastic Interview, Michael! I enjoyed very much . Been a Tattsfan since the late 70`s. I saw my first Tattoogig in Reading ´81. It always nice to listen to Angry The Great! Thank you! Cheers!

  3. AWESOME !!!

    I still have my promotional copy of the first Tatt album on vinyl I’ve had since 1980. Also still have my vinyls of Assault & Battery & Scarred for Life. They weren’t on the bill when I saw Aerosmith in Oakland 1983. I was hoping they were going to be. Fingers crossed for west coast tour now.

    Great job

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  5. i love the song suddenly i play it on my fone 24/7 i think angry anderson is amazing wish one day to meet the icon thanks for making the song

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