Rock and Roll Geek Show 320 – Mark Opitz Interview

An interview with legendary Australian record producer Mark Opitz. He worked on some of my favorite records from AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Divinyls, INXS, KISS and many more. His trademark guitar sounds are some of the most powerful and full on any records.

On the show we find out exactly how he acheives those great tones, his early years at Albert Productions, signing and producing Divinyls and much more.


Mark Opitz Myspace
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One thought on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 320 – Mark Opitz Interview

  1. Nice interview!! I’ve already been inspired to check the Opitz webpage. 😉
    Unfortunately, I can’t agree with Opitz on the best AC/DC track… “Riff Raff” is a great track, but songs like “Back in Black” are also well-produced and more stylistically cohesive.
    btw. don’t forget to run the spellchecker on the announcements (“‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c'”) 😉

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