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Axl Rose Threatens to Walk off Stage in Lima, Peru

Fans had to wait over 1 hour for Guns n Roses to take the stage last night in Lima, Peru. Sebastian Bach finished his set just after 11:00 pm and Axl and Co. took the stage at almost 12:30 am. By this time, fans were exhausted and feeling like they were taken and when GnR took the stage, the crowd began pelting the singer with cups and other crap. He stopped the song during the 1st song and brought an interpreter onstage to say:
“If you wanna throw shit, we will leave.”
“We would like to stay and have fun with you for a long time tonight.”
He then added, “So we’re gonna have fun? Let’s try that again.”

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One thought on “Axl Rose Threatens to Walk off Stage in Lima, Peru

  1. Now, if this is happening in Peru, imagine what will happen when they play San Salvador, El Salvador?

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