7 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/30/05 Podcast- Chrissy Amphlett Interview

  1. really enjoyable listening to Christina. she really comes across as a nice person who appreciates her own talent without holding an arrogance about herself. what a pretty melodic voice she has, too!

  2. Michael, once again you have treated us to a great interview. I can’t wait to hear the second part with Mark.
    It’s so refreshing to hear these interviews because they are being conducted by a true fan, not some DJ or TV show host who gets the questions written for him by researchers and assistants. The questions are genuine and they’re the one we would probably ask ourselves if we had the opportunity.
    Keep up the good work, mate!

  3. Hey its great your back online and thanks so much for reminding me of that show with The Ramones and The Divinyls we saw in New York. My brain is frazzeled and I cant remember a lot of great times. Cya.

  4. i’ve gotta agree with Grant in Melbourne’s statement…. even though Michael may apologize for being an enthusiastic fan instead of a profession interviewer, i think that’s what makes his interview process sincere and appealing

  5. Keep the comments coming. I am in an internet cafe in Indonesia reading all your comments.
    It inspires me to see that this show reaches so many people around the World.
    Please keep the comments rolling in, you all have a voice on this show.
    That is what makes this Show so special to me.

  6. This interview was golden. It reminded me how much I LOVE her voice. She’s always reminded me of my first girlfriend *melt*. I had to queue up the DiVinyls album this morning. And the song at the end of the show was killer as well. Keep up the good work. I’m a fairly new listener, but stuff like this will definitely keep me listening.

  7. Michael.
    > I listened to this interview on the beach in Avalon NJ yesterday. I
    > had time to catch up on a few. It was a good honest interview. I would
    > have liked to hear more music. She sounds like she is at peace with
    > her self and is living life well. The Shoe thing was funny and real
    > and why so many people like your show. I heard there is a Ramones web
    > site that is going to list all 2200 shows the ramones ever did. You
    > mentioned that in the show. So what happened to Joan Jett? Is she to
    > good for podcasters?? Demand the respect you deserve man. I and others are listening.
    > Andrew
    > exit50
    > Dallas.

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