Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/10/05 Podcast Doc Neeson Interview

This is a 3 part interview with Doc Neeson from one of my favorite bands, The Angels.
He has a new band called Red Phoenix. Check them out at

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30 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/10/05 Podcast Doc Neeson Interview

  1. The Ginger interview was a standout, but this interview hit another level for me. I love The Angels music, plain and simple. I am on my third listen of the interview, loved when Doc talked about the songwriting process.
    Keep Rock’n Doc and Red Phoenix

  2. Marseille…hearing this sweet word in Doc’ s mouth brought a smile to my face and a song in my head…:) Hey, Legend with beautiful eyes, come to Marseille really, I want to see you in flesh… I’m sure after listening to the interview you are an interesting and warm-hearted human. I already invited your friend Buzz, come both to tell me your Secret.
    Australian people are hot ! isn’t it Tim ?

  3. I heard the U.S. Radio show with Doc Neeson today and I thought it was fantastic to hear Doc again.
    Doc is a legend not only in Australia, but obviously Internationally as well.
    On the show, they played the new song from his Red Phoenix album, which sounded great. I can’t wait to see Doc and Red Phoenix in concert LIVE.

  4. I find myself looking forward to next of these interview shows. Even though I still love the regular rnrgeek format, I find that your interviewing skills have come a long way. Keep up the good work.
    I’m off to go find me some Angels (or Angel City) LPs.

  5. Michael,

    Thanks for your interview with Doc Neeson. I’ve heard him interviewed for the past 20 years and yours was by far the most in-depth and enjoyable. The man is a rock n’ roll icon in this country and it was great to hear him.

    Thanks again

  6. FYI, sorry to stray from the topic, but…

    Bruce Campbell Live in SF!

    Michael – As I recall, you are a Bruce Campbell fan, yes? He has a new book out ” Make Love – The Bruce Campbell Way” and he will be signing copies at the Balboa Theater at 6:00 Tuesday, 6/14. The new movie he stars in and directed “Man with the Screaming Brain” will be showing at 7:00 and he will be introducing it. It would be so cool if you could make it and try to get an ID from him!! Love the podcast and really enjoyed the Doc Neeson Show.

  7. hey jennifer, thanks for the tip! I will definitely be there. I am a HUGE fan of Bruce Campbell.


  8. Doc Neeson fan since 1980. Brilliant Man. Brilliant Interview.

    … and whoduhthunkit…
    Bruce Campbell is my favorite actor! I’m jealous.

    “Gimme sum sugah baybee”

  9. Micheal, what a great interview. I am from Melbourne Australia and been a fan since the 1970’s and your interview with Doc was the best I have ever heard. I have a radio copy of “The Angels Red Back fever Tour” on CD, if you want a copy send me a mail.

  10. One of the best interviews I have heard with Doc ever, and Ive been a fan for over 25 years. Ill think of you when I see them perform on Thursday!
    Great work!

  11. great interview,shame you never saw an angels concert live there is nothing like it,forget your stadium rockers and mockers,doc is the real deal,the angels deserved more success than they got but the music will never die and red phoenix commands major coverage spread the word. cheers

  12. Great interview, Just wanted to let you know I was at the METRO (Sydney) on Friday night Red Phoenix does ROCK (the WHOLE BAND!) and rocks extremely well, I was on the floor with some diehards Angels fans who wanted MORE, they were asking questions like,

    “When will they be coming back?” and “When’s the album coming out?”…

    listen to the crowd.. you’ll notice that they are screaming for MORE!

    Go Red Phoenix… GO HARD!

  13. Doc is THE greatest! Finally found out what happend to him/them. lucky to see them in 82 in california. did a web search in 2000 and couldnt even find them or anything. Anyone know of any old angel city live performance videos?

  14. Agree with Everything you said about Doc Neeson thanks really enjoyed the insightful interview – hope the do well in the states too.

  15. Dude you need to do a follow up interview with Doc Neeson
    That was just amazing!

    Part 4 ask about some of the tours eg Cheap Trick, How they headlined 3000 seat places in the US in 82?
    Part 5 What would he change about breaking worldwide, what advice would he give other bands?
    PArt 6 get the dirt must have some great stories?

  16. What can I say….I was 12 years old when my brother, my best friend and I got our hands on a copy of Dark Room and we played that cassette to death. Honestly, their music helped define our audio taste. We back-tracked their releases and leapt on everything new. I have seen them 4 times live and the live energy leaves you thinking ‘that is how it should be done’. Thanks Michael.

  17. I was just searching for Angels stuff and I stumbled across this interview: thanks, man! It was great to hear Doc. I was in Australia last year, and although I didn’t get to see Red Phoenix or the Brewster Brothers, I did find both of the Red Phoenix EP releases by haunting the record stores. Very nice stuff, but their website seems to have gone down, and now we’re in limbo again. But it was great to hear Doc, and thanks for getting that interview out there.

  18. The Angels Live at Narara 1983 is my all time favourite live video. Sadly it’s not existed anywhere for a billion years BUT if you go to YouTube and do a search you will THANK me!!

    These guys were a stonkingly good live act and it was a shame the whole thing ended so sadly….

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  20. If your looking for a great download go to a website called guitars 101 they have a an absolute cracking download of the Angels in USA ( Angels City) , Its a bootleg from a BBC studio gig they did. The Angels a their very best from 1980 the sound is SENSATIONAL.

    You wont be disapointed

    Mr Damage

  21. I can say Josh is right the Angel City recording from Denver Broadcast on BBC FM 1980 is FANTASTIC. Thx Josh

    Anyone else in the states please unearth some more bootlegs they are so hard to find of this great band.

    Maybe someone has the Live Aid ( yes Angel City were also part of this great event)

  22. I can say Josh is right the Angel City recording from Denver Broadcast on BBC FM 1980 is FANTASTIC. Thx Josh

    Anyone else in the states please unearth some more bootlegs they are so hard to find of this great band.

    Maybe someone has the Live Aid ( yes Angel City were also part of this great event)

    Thx Josh we salute you!

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