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  1. there’s lots of great new fresh independent music out there to be played, promoted, enjoyed…. just got to be open to discovering it. also, plenty of room for music podcasts of all styles. RnR Geek Show has been my first and regular fav podcast since almost forever, but because i love many different genre of music and i’ve come to really dig and look forward to a few other music podcasts, too…

    Dreadful Snake Radio is great for homespun music history and lessons, that old ’60’s hippie music and authentic Bluegrass.
    Tony of The Roadhouse consistantly finds awesome new Blues music on Garageband.
    i’ve been tuning into Dave’s Lounge to get my TripHop fix. love it!
    i’ve also had a radio (gasp!!) show on my favs podcast list for about as long as i’ve been listening to RnR Geek Show. i get my metal fix from The Metal Show

    got others i’ve been exploring….. such an exciting time for music and media. listening to independent podcasts is almost like listening to early ’70’s FM radio. you know, back when radio was exciting and fresh and actually had unique personalities introducing the world to cool new music and sounds.

  2. It’s great to hear that you might interview Adny Shernoff. I hope you can ask him about the rumors that he played leads on Ramones LPs, and about his time in the Fleshtones.

  3. Thanks again Michael and Tim, it was great to do and just as good to listen to… did you hear that Pink Floyd is getting back together on July 2nd for Live8 in London? Unbelieveable…

  4. Another cool interview and chat. Seems to me that your getting better at the interviewing process. Not that it was bad before it’s just better now.

    When’s the band tour with “Backyard Babies”? I think I’ll be making the show at “Bottom of the Hill”. I hope your listeners appricate the music you turn us onto like the “Backyard Babies” They’re one of my favorite bands now. You should take a poll and see how many different bands you’ve turned your listeners onto? I think I’ve bought about a dozen plus different bands Cd’s since your podcast started. Thanks again for all the music and the shows.


  5. “Thanks again for all the music and the shows”
    i’m with Jeff on this! and about being turned on to good music, too….
    but, i think one of the biggest features of RnR Geek Show that has always caught my attention and interest is that i also really get into hearing the great music i grew up with and still love. it’s really cool to listen to the old tunes with others who knew them when they were new releases and still dig them, now, too.

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