Rock and Roll Geek 327 – Pamela Des Barres and Other Guilty Pleasures

On this show I play an interview with legendary ‘supergroupie’ Pamela Des Barres, a Listening With Butler segment, show reviews from friends of the show, audio comments, a guilty pleasure song from Rick Springfield and other music that I love. Make sure you pick up one of Pamela’s books by clicking on the links in these show notes.

Rick SpringfieldAmazon mp3 iTunes emusic
Ian HunterAmazon mp3 iTunes emusic
The Pigeon Detectives
The Hellacopters

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3 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek 327 – Pamela Des Barres and Other Guilty Pleasures

  1. what the fuck…rick springfield? you frkin geek!…horrible chorus, ridiculous lyrics….you are geekin out to the max…you need to come over and rock out with your boy bailey


  2. Pamela Des Barres sounds like a jealous old coot. SHE IS NOT PENNY LANE. Cameron Crowe made it very very clear who he based that character on. He says so in the DVD extended version. Bebe Buell and Pennie Trumble. Pam is not mentioned even once by him.
    She seems bitter and jealous.
    Isn’t this show about MUSIC anyway?
    PLEASE- no more of these kind of interviews. If you want a rock chick- get a real one. Miss Bebe. At least she is a musician and is a good interview. She doesn’t come off all jealous.
    Or maybe Courtney. She would be funny.

  3. PS- I wanted to also say that some of this interview was cool. Pam isn’t all bad. Some of her tales are interesting.
    I noticed she forgot to mention Catherine James. She was always Pam’s rival. She is one of those muses like she talked about.
    Miss Pamela has Jesus on her back so she can’t be all bad.
    Bebe, Patti, Catherine- they were the heart melters.

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