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Butler’s London Adventure Day 3

I had a lunch meeting with Rod Weinberg, one of the authors of a great book I’m reading called Rock Roadie. The lunch was at a place in SOHO called The Groucho Club. This apparently is a private club for people who work in British TV and radio. Phil dropped me off at the train station and pointed me in the direction of Charing Cross station and sent me on my way.
I recorded a Driving With Butler once I got on the train. Hopefully it will turn out ok. There don’t seem to be as many freaks in London as in SF but SOHO was pretty fun to walk around in. I got off the train ok but immediately got lost. Once I pulled up the google maps on the ridiculously priced AT&T data plan ($60 a month for 50 mb) I found my way to the Groucho Club pretty easily.
I was about 40 minutes early so I walked around the neighborhood for a while. There were tons of licensed sex shops everywhere as well as strip clubs. I didn’t go into any strip clubs but next door to one was a peep show place where you drop £2 on the slot and watch a totally nude girl stand there behind a 9 inch window for 1 minute. There were a total of like 4 booths, 2 booths per “dancer”. Both dancers looked ok and completely disinterested. I spent a total of 4 £2 coins and then headed to the Groucho Club to meet Rod Weinberg. He was a really nice portly gentleman who looked a little like Santa Claus. We had a nice lunch. I had smoked trout over green beans with an appetizer that had shrimp in the name but looked like cat food. It was actually pretty good but as it was going down I felt an immodium moment coming on. Luckily I had one left on me but still had to excuse myself to make a mad dash to the bathroom with no paper towels. (only hand driers.). Back to Rod, once the emergency was over, we had a great chat about the book and his knowledge of rock history. He was older than me so it was quite an educational lunch. Among other things, he told me in great detail how Hendrix really died. I’m not a huge Hendrix fan but it was still quite fascinating.
It was a 2:00 load in at the Garage, so I needed to get going.
(note: I’m now finishing this post after about 12 beers so please pardon the miss spellings and bad grammar)
Rod gave me a ride in his jaguar to the train station where I headed to the club. I got there about 3 pm and they were still setting up so I went to the Famous Cock pub with Phil and hung out with a bunch of Ginger fans who were drinking before the show. Also there was Nigel Mogg and a couple of RnR Geek friends

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