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Butler’s London Adventure Day 2

So I arrived in London pretty well rested. I took a sleeping pill on the plane, had a beer with my new Indian friend and then passed out. I got into London around 9:30 am, got my bass and made it through customs with no problems. I was greeted by Alex (sleazyrocknroll), who drove me through the snow straight to rehearsals at Bush Studios. When I got there, I was greeted by Ginger, Gav, Scott Sorry, Victoria (one of the guest singers), Duncan (Wildhearts guitar tech) and a guy named Rev from Towers of London.

Scott left shortly after, leaving me as the only bass player of the day. Fine with me. The more songs I got to play the better. Other musicians that showed up were Denzel(a fantastic drummer), Willie Dowling, Olga from the Toy Dolls, Chris McCormick from 3 Colors Red,Nathan from Snow Patrol and a beautiful female singer named Harry. I could not believe I was surrounded by so much amazing talent in one room.
After about 4 fun filled hours of rock, we headed down to the corner pub where, while I waited for Phil to come by to take me on the train, I showered everyone there with fanboy questions.
After Phil showed up we headed on the train to his place out in Beckenham, former home town of Bowie, Peter Frampton, Billy Idol. Phil’s family is really sweet and kind. They gave me my own attic suite comlete with a Christmas tree.
I slept pretty well but kept waking up with thoughts of my day ahead of me.

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