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Rock and Roll Geek Show 123

October 30, 2005

On this show I go on the tour bus of rock legends, Nazareth for a great rock talk.


Week in Rock
Nazareth Interview.

Nazareth Website

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October 29, 2005


Originally uploaded by Michael Butler.

Last night Martina and I went to the Weezer show. Aron from Parking in Bitterman Circle Got us access to all areas of the show and Martina had the time of her life.
Aron was really great to us last night.

Rock and Roll Geek IndieCast 15

October 26, 2005

This will probably be the last IndieCast post on the RnR Geek Show site. Click here to subscribe to the IndieCast

• ❑ Bang the Union LINK

• ❑ Manda and The Marbles- LINK

• ❑ Waltham LINK
• ❑ Black Furies LINK

• ❑ Blackbird LINK

• ❑ Jukebox Zeros LINK

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 122

October 23, 2005

On this show, Richie Ranno from one of my favorite bands, Starz, joins me for some rock talk. I play several songs from Starz on this show.


Rock News
Starz Fest 2005


American Heartbreak

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Rock and Roll Geek Indie Cast #14

October 20, 2005

Weezer Tour Update with Aron from Parking in Bitterman Circle


The Genders – from Tel Aviv, Israel LINK

Screeching Weasel LINK

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 121

October 16, 2005

On this show, Constantine from American Idol joins me along with my daughter, Martina.


Rock News
Guess the Rhyme
American Idol

Constantine Web Site


NY Loose
N.Y. Loose



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Video Post

October 14, 2005

Since the new video ipods are out, I thought I would post this video I made a while back while on tour with American Heartbreak. We arrived at a gig in East Germany and the place looked like a gas chamber from WWII. So I got this crazy idea to make a movie. This is how you amuse yourself in 0 degree freezing cold in the middle of nowhere in Europe.

I hope it doesn’t offend anyone. We were just having some fun on the road.

I have never done a video blog entry before, so hopefully it will make it to iTunes without any problems.

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Rock and Roll Geek Indie Cast #13

October 12, 2005


• ❑ –Erotics

â–¶ ❑ play Cheryl’s poem to Julie

â–¶ ❑ read Jeffery Nolan’s email


Listening w/Butler- UdoraLINK
Guest Reviewer- Robbie Trencheny

•Puffcast comment

On The Record Online

❑Song Propaghandi

• ❑ Bruce Campbell podcast LINK

• ❑ Meltingpod and IndieCast now listed in iTunes

• ❑ Rocket City Riot LINK

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 120

October 9, 2005

Talking with a Sex Pistol

Artist spotlight and interview with Glen Matlock.

Buy Sex Pistols on iTunes
Sex Pistols

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October 8, 2005

From JabberRock, The Ultimate Book of Rock ‘n’ Roll Quotations:

“I took the job [as a grave digger] because I thought it’d help me overcome my fear of death. When I first went on the job the other guys in the cemetery initiated me by putting me in a coffin and closing the lid. That scared the shit ot of me-but I’ve had no fear of death since! It cured me.”


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