Rock and Roll Geek Show 134 -Vicki Blue Interview

An Interview with Edgeplay director and ex- Runaways Bassist, Vicki Blue.

If you haven’t seen Edgeplay, I highly recommend either watching it on Showtime or picking up the DVD.

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5 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 134 -Vicki Blue Interview

  1. Excellent interview, Michael. It totally lived up to your enthusiasm for it.

    Good gravy. I have a lot of respect for this woman. Considering all the crap she went through to make the documentary, I don’t know how she managed to stay sane and carry on. Aye yi yi.

    You always hear about the chaos that goes on behind the scenes with bands, but it was compelling hearing it from someone who lived through it and was impacted by it (and how she still is impacted by it).

    You asked awesome questions, your passion is contagious and, best of all, you didn’t make any lame remarks about homosexuality nor urine.

    I’m not going to agree that it was your best though. The second interview you did with Ginger was, in my opinion, your best.

  2. Hey Michael,

    That was really great. I didn’t want the interview to end. Thanks as always for the interesting and entertaining shows.

    Are the runaways songs on the edgeplay soundtrack otherwise unreleased? I guess my question is, are the songs alternate takes or versions of previously released stuff?

  3. Hey Joe,

    The soundtrack has some previously released songs and some rare unreleased songs. There are also some unreleased Suzi Quatro songs and Lita Ford songs. It is worth getting.

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