The Butlers’ First Show Review

Craig, the guitarist for our cover band, The Butlers sent me this show review from SF Newsfeed. I don’t know who wrote it but it was a super fun show!
Story below:

The Butlers Deliver

SF Newsfeed Exclusive 6/22/08

A packed North Beach venue played host to conglomerated local rock gods “ The Butlers” Saturday night, turning the largely female crowd into a swirling frenzy. Relying on tried and true hard rock/ metal favorites ranging from Rose Tattoo to Angel City, front man Graham Shaw (Immigrant) belted out a string of crowd pleasers with certified rock swagger style. The Butlers, founded by local Bay Area legends Billy Rowe (Jetboy) and Craig Behrhorst (Ruffians) ripped through their personal hard rockin’ favorites to the delight of the festive crowd.

Anchored by hard-hitting Bonhamesque stickman Erik Lannon (Mordred) and rhythm master Casey Crenshaw (American Heartbeat) The Butlers accommodate the crowd’s thirst for “ the day “ by taking the revelers through the hard rock/ metal years with insight and panache. Playing at a volume heartwarming to those understanding the genre, the band hit all the right notes for the appreciative fans. Bassist Mike Butler (Exodus), notable for his puritan style and raucous chops, bolstered the bottom with appropriately intense groove and flow. Vocalist Shaw was flawless with his versions and consistently charmed the headbanging ladies in the house. “Another thing about these guys” chimed in local photographer Terry Flynn” They bring out all the beautiful people”

. “ We love doing this cover stuff “ quipped guitarist Rowe, “ It gives us a chance to hang out with a lot of friends, old and new- We’re not out to impress or make a million- We’re just here to kick out the jam “ Highlights of the set included Aerosmith’s version of “ Walkin the Dog”, Angel City’s “ Marseilles” as well as a guest AC / DC background vocal by Turmoil from metal old schoolers Mad Reign. “ These guys are the best at this party band stuff” shouted Turmoil after the set, “They have the heart for the material, them being real survivors and all ‘

The celebration went deep into the night as North Beach partygoers insisted on multiple encores, culminating in a rousing version of Montrose’s staple “ Bad Motor Scooter” – “ I don’t know how they do it “ mused long time fan Patricia Miller, “ They just keep getting better sounding and looking, like they all made a deal with the dark side”.

The Butlers are currently lining up more local appearances.. “We live to rock “smiled guitarist Behrhorst “and rock we will “ “ I am a diehard fan of both Ruffians and Jetboy “ said patron Sheila Gorn as she toasted with friends, “ Nobody gives service like the Butlers” –

The Butlers:
Graham Shaw (Vocals)
Billy Rowe (Guitar)
Craig Behrhorst (Guitar)
Michael Butler (Bass)
Erik Lannon (Drums)
Casey Crenshaw (Guitar)

Written by Tim Mayer for SF Newsfeed

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