2 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 7/8/05 Podcast Mark McEntee Interview Part 2

  1. I think you have the rock star’s that you are interviewing really digging you and your show. I’m not sure if they realize that the reason you have your knowledge and do a great interview is that you truely are a fan fisrt. I hope Joan Jett get’s to hear they way you are, so she’ll let you interview her. Maybe Kenny Laguna will let her know that’s it will be a good interview. Everybody should realize to that you are turning alot of people on to new & old music. That’s what I really like is all the new music I’ve gotten in the last 9 or so month’s. Keep introducing us to new music.

    Thanks again. Jeff

  2. Excellent interview. I really liked the editorial. It fit well with the content of the conversation. I hope the new boss (Apple) does a better job than the old boss (the record industry). I just have this feeling that we are getting fooled again.

    Aussies are very deserving of their good rep. I toured Europe for a couple of months with about fifty of them. Some of the best people that I have had the pleasure of sharing time with. I even have fond memories of Richard who kept calling me a ‘septic’ (I’m a yank).

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