5 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 7/24/05 Podcast

  1. Great job of the Shane-Mike team !
    It was necessary as good rock journalists to give the possibility to the band to explain honestly his position even if I always disagree with the use by real rockers of this kind of stupid TV shows…:)
    Nice music today !

  2. like Annie, i am not a fan of TV reality shows…. but, i found this interview with Tim Farriss to be quite interesting and entertaining. i sure get the impression that Farriss is very open and honest in responding to Michael’s questions and comments. i find the interview to be an insightful look at INXS’s motivations and goals regarding the RockStar INXS talent search show and the band’s vision of where they want to be musically these days.
    it is cool to hear Tim’s reaction to Michael’s predictions, too. lol, i loved it when Tim said that INXS is kinda looking for a poser…. hehehe, just don’t make it a female poser, eh, Tim? :p
    i hope Tim Farriss will do a follow-up interview as the TVshow progresses….. would be cool to hear more of Farriss’s and INXS’s impressions of their new project. i’m really curious to hear more about how the song writing thing is gonna work as INXS moves closer to releasing new material.

  3. Thanks for the plug, Mike!! I look forward to seeing you and all the other Thin Lizzy fans on Thursday!!

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