4 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 7/20/05 Podcast

  1. My highlights of the show were;

    The Motley Crue Interview from hell.
    INXS Rockstar tv show when they handed out free guitars and had the sing along.

  2. RE:Rock Star INXS

    IMVHO, any *real* rockstar front-man/woman would not participate in this sort of audition process….. the way i see, this show is more about selling the (mostly american?) TV audience more bogus crap and calling it ‘reality’.
    as a fan of INXS, it sort of makes me sad to see them participate in this sort of ridiculous publicity stunt, but i guess it is fun for them and it is a way to get INXS back out into the scene, again, using contemporary popular media tricks.
    i just doubt very much that the new lead singer that INXS has been looking for can be found in any sort of mainstream american TV talent search show.
    i’m really looking forward to hearing what Tim Farriss has to say about it all.

    hehehe, liked the question… who rocked harder in the ’80’s, Motley Crue or Poison? that’s funny. btw, i remember when Poison was playing gigs at the local hometown roller rink. they are originally from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania…. 11 miles down the road from my hometown. lol, now, there’s some interesting rock trivia, eh? 😛

    btw, nice to hear the family make an appearance on the RnR Geek Show… been awhile since we heard from Martina and Mrs. B.

    oh, yeah, and if it is possible to learn how to be a rock star at a rock-and-roll clinic….. sign me up, asap!!!


  3. That guy interviewing nikki & mick was just bad! You have to have some sort of idea who your interviewing.

    Keep playing AH tunes. I agree with everyone else it really makes the show.


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