Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/5/02 Podcast Ginger Interview

This is a two part interview with Ginger. We talk about the letter on the Wildhearts site and his new record that he was mixing as we spoke.

He also sent me a song to play on the show that no one has ever heard, so it is an EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE!

I play 2 new songs from the upcoming solo record and some of my favorite Ginger songs, all with his generous permission.

Click Here for Part 1.podcast-u2.gif

Click Here for Part 2.podcast-u2.gif

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10 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/5/02 Podcast Ginger Interview

  1. What can you say about Ginger and his music? Amazing!!!
    It is great to listen to an interview and just eat it up. It was a good idea the two parts, because I listened to part 1 in the car. Then got home and listened to part 2 on my ipod. Hopefully Ginger reads this site, because he has many people who support what he does. Putting his music to one side, I just want Ginger to be happy.
    Now that was an Interview!!!

  2. P.S: For the second time, I just listened to the Ginger song you premiered.

    HOLY SHIT! What an INCREDIBLE song!

    You know someone is a true artist and musical genius when, no matter how much their life is falling apart, how little they have and they aren’t getting recognition in large doses, they rise above it all and create such masterpieces.

    Wow, wow, wow…

    So, besides listening to his music and raving about the guy, how else can we support Ginger? Does he have a contact e-mail at his Web site where we can send him gushing e-mails? Is there anything else?

  3. Hey Michael,

    You are the absolute best! I loved your first interview with Ginger and this one is even better (I’m in the middle of listening to the first part of the new interview while I type). I know what a huge fan you are and that makes the interview even better! What can you say about Ginger, he is the best fucking songwriter on the planet. He is amazing. I just love how human he is….most people are afraid to be that way these days! I tell everyone I meet how great Ginger and the Wildhearts are and I still can’t believe how many people have never heard of him.

    Rock and Roll Geek show is so amazing, playing all of my music that I love and also introducing me to new music! The Ginger interviews just push it over the top! Please everyone who reads this support Rock and Roll Geek Show and the Wildhearts! Tell everyone you know, post on every message board! World domination is possible! MUHAHAHAHA

  4. Hi Ya Michael

    Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, Michael it is fucking amazing to hear the great mans voice again after all he has been through in his torid career i cannot wait for the new album after hearing the two new songs on your broadcast.

    And yes you are right there is no better song writer in the world today and i hope he can broadcast his songs on the world stage as soon as possible and would be superb to see you out with him aswell.

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