6 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/22/05 Podcast

  1. This was particularly interesting since I’m a Bay Area guy too, and remember hearing Steven on the air. KRQR, KOME. Holy crap! Remember when Carson Daly was on KOME (in the post-Blazy and Bob era)? Damn damn damn.

    Excellent interview, Michael. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight!

  2. I grew up in San Jose. I remember Dennis Erectus on KOME (and those stickers everyone used to modify). I really liked “The Quake” (KQAK?) while it lasted.

    Now I’m in LA and hoping Indie 103.1 lasts. But I don’t listen to much radio anymore…mostly podcasts. 😉

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  4. very interesting topic and interview….
    erhmmm, but, what’s the difference between KYOU using podcasting as ‘slaves’ (Michael’s word) to promote their own profitable agenda and the Curry/Bloom Podshow model???

  5. Hey Michael – awesome interview, some great podcasting you’re doing here!

    Too bad I can’t get KYOU up here in Marin behind all these darn hills. I wonder if there’s a way to at least find out who they’re playing?

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