Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/19/02 Podcast Kenny Laguna Interview pt1

Part 1 of the interview with Kenny Laguna, Legendary producer, musician, Joan Jett’s manager and president of Blackheart Records.

Joan Jett
Blackheart Records

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5 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/19/02 Podcast Kenny Laguna Interview pt1

  1. Waiting For The Night is also my favorite Runaways album, but it was produced and directed by Kim Fowley. Kim hadn’t parted ways with the band yet. I think the album Kenny was supposed to work on was And Now… The Runaways (aka Little Lost Girls). He got together with Joan for the first time in 1979 for the movie We’re All Crazy Now which was never released. Footage shot for the film was released in the stinker of a film duBeat-e-o.

    Thanks for taking the time to interview Kenny. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. dang, Michael, if you continue getting all these great interviews, you’ll soon have enough material to start another show… addition to ‘The Rock And Roll Geek Show’ and ‘The Rock And Roll Indie Show’, you could add ‘Butler’s Rock Talk’, too. hehehe, you don’t really gotta go to your dayjob, do ya? :p


  3. Great Fucking interview! Buy far the best you’ve done. When there this good they can be long interview’s. Can’t wait to hear the rest. I think your best interview’s are the one’s with the people you’d just like to sit down and talk to. Anyway’s great interview!

    Good luck and have fun in Hollywood this week.


  4. Great Interview! I liked the question about the liner notes. Then Kenny said How do you know that?

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