Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/16/02 Podcast

More Rock, Less Interviews.

Rock and Roll Birthdays
Bruce Campbell book signing and movie Link
Show Feedback
Top Ten request
Jetboy Reunion in Hollywood on June 22nd Link
American Heartbreak Tour Dates


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6 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/16/02 Podcast

  1. dang! i missed the chat-while-streaming party 🙁 boohoo…. i really wanted to be there for the fun, but life kinda got in the way. oh, well, i’ll try to catch ya’ll next time 🙂
    man, that song by The Hellacopters really rocks! think i’m going to hafta check them out further.

    the Jetboy gig sounds very cool…. should be lotsa fun and will probably provide lots of good stuff for podcasting. hehehe, and, good thinking not to tease your hair out for the show, Michael. lol, considering how much great hair you’ve been blessed with, if you did the AquaNet thing with it, would their be enough room on the stage for you AND the other band members?! [although, my fetish kinda gets the best of me and i must admit a real curiousity to see just how big you can get your hair, though! :P]

    btw, nice to get back to the regular RnR Geek Show format between interviews shows 🙂


  2. Excellent Rock n’ Roll Music. Nice selection of tunes. Do you have or did you record any songs with the guys while you were with them in “Mindzone”? If you do you should play them.

    Looking forward to hearing the next interview who ever it may be?


  3. Hey Jeff,
    I did record with Mindzone. It was never released and I don’t know if I have a copy on cassette or not. I’ll have to check.

  4. Like always great show!
    I really enjoyed listening.
    BTW: For me as a german interesting. Did you say you drank (dutch) oranje boom premium beer?

  5. Hey Frank,
    Yes, I drank Oranjeboom.
    My friend from the dog park bought it for me. It is pretty good but when I drink too much of it it gives me a headache.


  6. Hey man, big ups on the show..
    Im catching up on old episodes since Ive been on holiday. Hey someone’s probably already told you that the D4 are from New Zealand, although I guess they could be based in europe now – Im not sure. Anyway when you said they were from England somewhere I cracked up. Couldnt have been funnier if you were taking the piss! No offense, but.

    Love the show. Big fan.
    P.S thanks for turning me on to Parking in Bitterman Circle. awesome.
    Tom, aka rapscallion

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