Rock and Roll Geek Show 317 – Classic Albums Revisited

On this show I play a song for Brian Springer, who left me a generous beer fund donation. Also on the show, a new segment on the show, Classic Albums Revisited. I revisit an album that I think is underrated and underappreciated. This show, I revisit ‘Another Perfect Day‘ from Motorhead. This is my favorite record from them. Brian Robertson from Thin Lizzy played guitar on this record. I also visit another topic from the Rock and Roll Geek Forums
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Jetboy /purchase on iTunes

Motorhead / Purchase on iTunes / Amazon Link

The Exploding Hearts /Purchase on iTunes

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One thought on “Rock and Roll Geek Show 317 – Classic Albums Revisited

  1. Hey Michael, Another Perfect Day is in my top ten all-time favorite LPs I have it, I play it, I especially love to play SHINE really loud! The mix of Motorhead and ThinLizzy is godlike! Thanks, great show!!!

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