Photos From Last Night’s Meetup

It was a really fun meetup last nite. Here are some photos. Unfortunately, some people had already left when I realized I forgot to get pictures.

S.F. Podcasters May Meetup Michael Butler’s S.F. Podcasters May Meetup photoset

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4 thoughts on “Photos From Last Night’s Meetup

  1. whoa, Michael…. ya got new digs…i go out of town for a few days and come back to find that you’ve redecorated :p so, did you box up all our past history and memories and put them into the attic for safe keeping? 😀

    glad your meetup was fun. i’d love to make a roadtrip to San Francisco for a RnR Geek Show meetup one of these days 🙂

  2. What a geekfest! 🙂 How does it feel to be the hippest guy in the room for a change?

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