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Laughlin River Run Recap – Rock and Roll Geek Show 398

On this show I recap my trip to Laughln, NV for the 2010 Laughlin River Run. I also do a Listening With Butler segment, read another Butler money grab email, talk about Bret Michaels’ health issues, the Who Killed Bambi screenplay that was just released and a bunch of other crap.

Music by:
The Hold Steady
Three Dog Night
Cheap Trick
The Knack
Beatnik Turtle

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River Run Recap:

I just got back from the Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, NV and had a GREAT time. I arrived on Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas. I took a shuttle to the Riverside Hotel and Casino where my good friend Joe Klein had me a comped suite! After resting for a little while and going to Joe’s house, we went across the street to the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce to pick up our media badges from Jill McCoomber, the press liason. Later that night we walked along the beautiful Colorado River to the Golden Nugget and saw an Aerosmith tribute band called Aeromyth. The singer, Chris Van Dahl, is a dead ringer for Steven Tyler. Looking back on it, I wish I would have interviewed him and said he was the real Steven Tyler. The band was not very good but he actually sang the songs pretty well. He screwed up some lyrics. I think this is the guy who is gonna be playing with me in the Jimmy Crespo thing if it happens. They were playing 3 sets a day for the entire weekend. The set I watched was not great. The guy playing Joe Perry, while looked the part, he didn’t even try to play Joe’s parts. The Brad Whitford guy played great but did not even closely resemble Brad. Some day I’m gonna do a documentary on tribute bands. I’ll be posting some video of them performing soon.We also saw a couple of songs from a Van Halen tribute band that was not even worth mentioning.

Friday we went to see Three Dog Night at Harrah’s  Casino Resort, courtesy of a very nice woman named Cecelia Marotto. Three Dog Night were a little before my time but that band had so many hits, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I will be posting some video from them soon as well. Of all the hotels on the strip, I have to say that Harrah’sis probably the nicest one. They are also the only one with a beach, which we relaxed on for the afternoon, beers in hand.

Saturday Joe arranged for comped tickets to the Cheap Trick show at the Aquarius Hotel and Casino through Sean Hammond. I was staying in the next hotel over so in the morning I went over and hung out near the outdoor stage like a true superfan. We asked Rick Nielson’s guitar tech what time the soundcheck was. He said that the band was not soundchecking, that the crew would be checking. That’s understandable, since the band has been together for so many years. I filmed a couple of bits with Joe Klein outside the fence. Our tickets at the show were pretty good seats about 20 rows back but since we had media badges, the security guys let us sit in some empty seats in the front row. The show was fantastic! I tried taping the set but for some reason my iriver didn’t record so I don’t remember the exact set list. They played a few songs from the new album, one from Rockford, some hits. They also played Don’t be Cruel, Heaven Tonight, Baby Loves To Rock and The Ballad of TV Violence.

This weekend was an absolute blast!


I went on the Cheap Trick Message boards and the set list was posted:

Hello There
Elo Kiddies
Way of the World
I Want You to Want Me
These Days
Never Had a Lot to Lose
Heaven Tonight
On Top of the World
That 70s Song
Don’t Be Cruel
Miss Tomorrow
Ballad of TV Violence
Baby Loves to Rock
Sick Man of Europe
Closer – The Ballad of Burt and Linda
Dream Police
Good Night

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