One thought on “Good Clean Fun 4-8-08

  1. Michael & Jasper,
    I’ve been listening to your show for the last couple of months. I actually listened to the Plan Nine Rock Show first and then Jasper quit doing them so often so started listening to “Good Clean Fun” Believe it or not I’m not a podcaster so some of the shit you two talk about makes no fucking sense to me, but I keep listening anyway for some strange reason. Anyway, I work as an analyst at a large insurance company in Bloomington, IL and deal with numbers all day, this can be very tedious at times. I actually look forward to listening to this show because it makes the hour or two you guys shoot the shit go by much quicker! My favorite episode was the one with the Kiss dude from Warren, that dude was FUCKING HILARIOUS. The show from this week was very good. I agree with Jasper that you do act a bit, but i don’t hold it against you. Anyways, thanks for putting out something original and entertaining! ROCK!


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