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Foxy Shazam To Premiere Album On

A message from Foxy Shazam:

hello, you guys know about it’s this underground social website thing that connects strangers around the world through their webcams.  whoever uses it can meet thousands of people everyday! It goes from kittens playing one second and then amateur porn the next. It can get  pretty gross, yet adorable.

So that got us thinking- If this site is nothing but a place for people trying to get lucky, then lets put a little Foxy in their lives! So, for one week, starting Monday, March 8th, our new album will stream in its entirety, letting you guys hear our self-titled album a month before it hits stores on April 13th. Try to get lucky and land on the Foxy Shazam webcam and you’ll get an advance listen to the new record, but the only way to hear it is to spin the virtual wheel and get lucky.  Good luck!

Don’t want to spin the wheel in fear of perverts? Then check out our digital and physical pre-order at on Tuesday, March 9th.  When you pre-order you’ll get two tracks- ”Wanna Be Angel” and “Unstoppable.”  Also, look out for Yahoo Music to be premiering our new music video for “Oh Lord” on Wednesday, March 17th!!!



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