Classic Albums Revisited – Tsar / Jeff Whalen Interview

On this show I do another Classic Albums Revisited. This time it is the first self titled release from Tsar and to help me do it, I have the singer/songwriter/frontman of Tsar, Jeff Whalen. We break each song down track by track and talk about them. Before the track by track we also talk about the history of the band, what happened when they were about to get signed by Hollywood Records, The early days of Tsar befor they had the name and lots more. Jeff is quite the character with a great sense of humor and it was great to speak with him.

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4 thoughts on “Classic Albums Revisited – Tsar / Jeff Whalen Interview

  1. Thank you so much for this interview, Michael.

    I can say, without question, this is the most important and informative interview about TSAR in the history of the band.
    Great stuff and your passion was evident and infectious–every time you started a song I was feeling the exact way that you instantly expressed to Jeff!

    I submitted the “Baby Talk” question and feel bad because it seemed to disrupt the otherwise golden vibe of the interview, so my apologies go out to you and to Jeff about that one.

    Again, as a fan, I thank you for this.
    It’s kind of a big deal.

  2. Again, Great Interview, also one of my favorite CD’S of all time. Saw them 3 times live here in Phoenix. Phoenix’s own Brian Smith who was writing for the New Times, and was in several legendary Phoenix bands, Gentlemen Afterdark/Beat Angels, was the person responsible for the sticker comments on the bands self titled release.

    Only complaint? Hey I know it’s your show, Michael, but your constant interuption of Jeff just as he’s hitting stride, only to throw him totally off his game was entirely annoying to the Nth Degree! Let him talk, for Christ’s sake.

    Still thankful for the interview, though.

  3. Brilliant choice of interview, and really powerful stuff that comes out during the course of the interview. What a classic rock story – TSAR’s album was a power pop classic, everything you said about it.
    The last song, that Jeff describes with such deep appreciation, “The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die,” is a power pop epic, a grand achievement that deserves to be played over and over. Rob Cavullo may have hit pay-dirt with Green Day, but the sound and feel of “American Idiot” is a huge rip-offfrom the far better TSAR sound of many years before. Green Day should send Mr. Whalen some fo their royalty checks – maybe a mil or so.
    One band who got to the TSAR level of pop chops and melodic power that never dented a chart? The Rosenbergs.

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