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Bigr Audio Headphones Review

Bigr Audio Headphones

  • COMFORT; feel the music, not the headphones. Plush earcushions covered with breathable materials keep you cool and comfortable
  • Ready For Smart Phones; headphones come with built in microphone so you can easily speak while on the go.
  • BiGR bamboo Box; our bamboo box feutures a beautiful laser engraving and very freindly for the enviroment
  • BiGR Clean Cloth; ultra soft bamboo fiber bag for storing as well as keeping your headphones clean and safe
  • BiGR Flatwire Cablesgreat sound comes from great cables. our flatwires wont tangle
More specs:
  • 20Hz – 20KHz frequency response
  • Standard 1/8 input jacket.”
  • Long, durable Headphone cable
  • Soft Ear cushion covered with breathable material.

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