Adam and Eve Discount Promo Codes

Adam & Eve has the largest selection of Sex Toys and Adult Products for Men, Women, and Couples. If you use our promo code ROCKGEEK you can save 50% off just about any product in the store.
Go to Adam and Eve dot com and for a limited time only you’ll get 50% off just about any item.

But that’s not all….oh no! When you select your one item at 50% off you’ll also receive 3 FREE adult DVDs…for a little inspiration …plus a FREE extra gift so sensual we can’t mention it on the radio! And to top it all off…we’ll even throw in FREE shipping on your entire order. And no….we’re not teasing!

So check out Adam and Eve dot com today for this special offer. Get 50% off one item when you type “ROCKGEEK” for the offer code upon checkout. When you do, you’ll get 3 FREE DVD’s, a FREE extra gift and FREE shipping.

Just use offer code “R-O-C-K-G-E-E-K” at Adam and Eve dot com.

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