There is a really interesting letter from Ginger on the Wildhearts website. He talks about his drug problems and his new project. (Yes, I do realized he was not telling me the truth about being stuck in England with visa problems) I can’t wait to hear it.

Here is a link to the letter

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  1. For Ginger :
    1 –
    with this new and quick therapy they saved the children who lived the worst traumas during the last wars (Kosovo, Tchetchenie, Palestine, Iraq),
    2 – it would be better to open a personal blog to write his life
    3 -Never say “never or always”
    4 – I knew the old Chinese proverb in French; the translation was different; we don’t say :
    “the glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time you fail” but
    “the life is failing 7 times and rising 8 times”.
    5 – I saw the Wildhearts in Paris; they did a good job on stage but they didn’t take a lot of risk with experimenting new or wild ways. I’m curious to hear Ginger solo album to appreciate the new man. Kiss from Mars.

  2. The best Artiists and musicians all seem to have the same story different publisher in some ways it seems you have to feel pain to feed the brain.Because Ginger is talented and has some greast history people won’t look at him as a junkie but pitty his hardships and embrace his new found sobriety of the soul.He is an awsome writer and there is a book in there somewhere I hope some people who admire him realise that it isn’t weak to escape but for some of us a neccesity.

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