Rock and Roll Geek Show 3/9/05 Podcast

An Interview with Ginger from The Wildhearts.

This is kind of a dream interview for me, right up there with interviewing Joe Perry, Ted Nugent or Cheap Trick. The fact that I was able to get this interview alone has made the whole podcasting thing a success for me. So far, I have gotten to talk Rock with two of my heros and that is just the greatest thing to me!
The interview goes WAY LONG tonite, so if you can’t stay with it, I understand. But make sure you fast forward to about 55 minutes into it when Ginger talks about how cool the bass player for American Heartbreak is!
We also play some of Ginger’s favorite songs.

Click Here for the mp3.podcast-logo1.gif

Rock and Roll Geek Show 3/6/05 Podcast

Chicks dig G.P.S.!

Review of the new GPS for my Treo 600