Back in the Saddle

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I think my feeds are now working. If there are any problems, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Sorry for the inconvenience. This iTunes thing has really been a pain in the ass for me. I still have no graphics on my listing and am listed as an audio blog. Also, my indie cast is not even listed. Hopefully this will all get worked out soon but I am not holding my breath. I have to thank Madge Weinstein for helping me get back up and running.

Rock and Roll Geek Show 7/3/05 Podcast

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On Tour with Butler


California tour wrap up
Lair of the Hollywood Vampires
Ian Cripps interviews Chelsea Smiles
Getting Buzzed with Butler
Freak of the Week
Alice Cooper tour update with Ryan Roxie
Weezer Tour update with Aron from Parking in Bitterman Circle

American Heartbreak
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Today’s Rock and Roll Quote:

“We were upper middle class brats that had anything we wanted. The whole end is tat we are what we are- a living social criticism”

-ALICE COOPER, describing himself and his band members

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I am sitting in Alex’s Bar in Long Beach , CA posting this from their free wifi. You have to love that. This is the last show of this mini tour that we are on with the Backyard Babies, Chelsea Smiles and Crash Kelly. We have been going on early but the shows have been really great! I wish we were staying on tour. The Chelsea Smiles and Crash Kelly have been really nice to us and I appreciate it. Right now, Slayer is blasting on the jukebox.

As of last check, the Rock and Roll Geek Show was #33 in iTunes subscriptions, despite the server problems of the last few days.
I also found the latest issue of Spin Magazine where the show was listed as one of the coolest podcasts. Ian Cripps, the 16 year old rocker, has been traveling with us. He was roving reporter on a new feature of the show, The Freak of The Week. I hope to have a wrap up from the tour on the next show.


Rock and Roll Geek Show 6/26/05 Podcast

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Night of the Living Posers

Jetboy Reunion soundseeing tour from Hollywood
American Heartbreak needs a floor to sleep on
Tour Dates
The Iped
New IndieCast Website (beta)
Upcoming Interviews

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Johnny Thunders

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Backyard Babies

Crash Kelly Penny Pills
Crash Kelly

American Heartbreak

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