The Eyeliners have the honor of being chosen again on the weekly
PunkRadioCast Top 40 Countdown.
This is a huge show held every Sunday, where they select 40 bands for
the week and
give the fans a chance to vote for the band/song they like
best. “Destroy” won last time thanks to you. lets do it again.

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 107

On this show I interview songwriter Jim Vallance. This interview took place about 3 weeks ago. I have about 5 more interviews recorded. Before I start the interview, I attempt to clear up something Dave Slusher said on his most recent show. I don’t know if I cleared it up well or not but I said what was on my mind at the time. That is why I love doing my show. Because I can say shit that is on my mind.

Here is the link to Jim Vallance’s web site. LINK

Click Here for mp3podcast-u2.gif

Sunday Show Stream

After many days of tearing my hair out, I think I finally got the stream working again.
This time I am relaying to Live 365 to help get rid of rebuffering issues.
I will be starting the show at 2:00PST and my daughter will be streaming hers an hour before.
Here is the link:

Rock and Roll Geek Show Stream

Here is the iTunes playlist that you download to listen to the stream:
Download itunes playlist

You can also open up this URL in whatever music player you use: