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There is a really interesting letter from Ginger on the Wildhearts website. He talks about his drug problems and his new project. (Yes, I do realized he was not telling me the truth about being stuck in England with visa problems) I can’t wait to hear it.

Here is a link to the letter

Rock and Roll Geek Show 5/18/05 Podcast

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After the show, I stayed on the stream for 90 minutes and played rock for the people in the chat. It was a blast!

iTunes Killed My iPod
Sex Education with Butler
Drinking to good friends
New Contest
Joan Jett interview Update

Blue Oyster Cult
Blue Öyster Cult

Amazon Link

Demolition 23

D:A:D Amazon Link

Los Griswolds Website


Blackfoot Amazon Link


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Rock and Roll Geek IndieCast #1

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p>The First Episode of the Rock and Roll Geek Indie Cast. (It will stay on this feed for a while until I figure the whole WordPress thing out)

On this first show, C.C. Chapman from the Accident Hash Podcast sat in with me and we listened to the music together. Consider this show like a long Listening With Butler Segment.
I didn’t announce that I would be streaming but there were several people listening in anyway and I appreciate that!


Waltham –Link
The Luxury Pushers –Link
The Evil Queens –Link Buy Album Online
Bang The Union- Link Buy Album Online

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 5/1/05 Podcast

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Making fun of American Idol
We listen to Constantine’s Band
Bo Bice’s Drug Past
Paris Hilton Podcast
Weezer Concert Review
Listening with Butler
New Show Idea
After the show I stay on the stream and the chat and take requests and talk to the listeners. It was kind of a bonus RnR Geek Show that I didn’t record.

Neurotic OutsidersBuy on
American Heartbreak
The Sheershock Revival
The Angels

Click Here for the mp3.podcast-u2.gif