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A Review of Airbourne’s Latest: IsIt All Bark And No Bite?

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AIRBOURNE Black Dog Barking Roadrunner rating: 10 / 10 by Michael Kirk Let’s get the usual music critic comparrison out of the way. Blablabla AC/DC… Blablablabla Rose Tattoo… and for this album, I’d also like to throw in,Blablablabla… early Def Lepard. So with that said, let’s get into this, shall we? I’ll admit it. I […]


Good Clean Car Crash

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Martina and Butler’s love for baseball and Chipotle. Martina’s driving skills rival Danica Patrick. Car Insurance. GCF Itunes reviews. The mechanics of migrating GCF to Google hangouts. Beer of the week with Jerry the Metal Guy – Lonestar Bock. The programming on Netflix. The greatness of Rick Springfield. The Stooges – Ready To Die – […]