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Gone Shooting – Rock and Roll Geek Show 480

October 29, 2012

A classic trainwreck episode – Douchebag Clip of The Week, Guns N Roses vocal disaster, RnR Hall of Fame Nominees and More

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Torpedohead Interview and Track By Track – RnR Geek Show 479

October 21, 2012

On this show, Sven Spacebrain from Torpedohead comes on the show and we do a track by track review of their new album, GREETINGS FROM HEARTBREAK KEY
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Kiss Monster Track By Track Review – RnR Geek Show 478

October 6, 2012

On this show I do a track by track review of the new Kiss release, MONSTER

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 477 – 14 Days

October 1, 2012

On this episode: Show reviews from Slash/Foxy Shazam  – Cheap Trick  – Douchebag Clip of the Week and More.

Music by:

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