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Rock and Roll Geek Show 476 – Steve Harris British Lion Track By Track Review

September 24, 2012

On this show I celebrate 8 years of doing the show by not celebrating. I play a track by track review of Steve Harris’ British Lion, and some more show reviews.

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 475 – Feed The Hungry

September 17, 2012

Listening With Butler, Trolling For Chicks, World Premieres and More.

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Mike Chapman Interview – A Rock and Roll Geek Rerun

September 9, 2012

A rebroadcast of an interview with legendary record producer Mike Chapman from March of 2006
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Saying Goodbye To A Friend Of The Show – RnR Geek Show 473

September 1, 2012

On this show I pay tribute to a longtime friend of the show and member of the Rock and Roll Geek family, Øystein Døsvik who was found dead at the young age of 28.

Music by

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