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Rock and Roll Geek Show 330 – Politics, Rockstars and Douchebags

October 31, 2008

Topics: Classic Rock Track of The Week,This Week In Rock, Douchebag Clip of the Week, Listening With Butler, Rock Star Political endorsements, audio comments and much more! [Read more]

Sarah Palin’s Good Clean Feet

October 29, 2008

Rock Talk: David Bowie, Kid Rock and Duff McKagan.

Music by David Bowie, Duff McKagan, International Noise Conspiracy.

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Cooking With Butler 4 – Pollo in Forno

October 22, 2008

Michael Butler makes an Italian Chicken Dish called Pollo in Forno, also known as Oregano Chicken with Potatoes and Tomatoes. Recipe follows. [Read more]

Good Clean Hickey BBBrrrrr

October 21, 2008

Jasper and Michael shoot the sh*t

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I Spit on Your Good Clean Fun

October 19, 2008

A late night Saturday show. Jasper and Michael get drunk and talk a lot of rock and more rock

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 329 – Frankie Venom R.I.P.

October 19, 2008

On this show I pay tribute to Teenage Head singer Frankie Venom who died last week. I also play some music from my top 3 bands of all time, read your emails and play a show review from Jim S.
Music from: Teenage Head, Juliet and The Licks, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith [Read more]

Rock and Roll Geek Show 328 – Black Ice

October 12, 2008

A Track by Track review of the new AC/DC album Black Ice.
Please support the artists you hear on this show by purchasing their music, going to a concert and/or buying a t-shirt! [Read more]

Invade My Privacy for 48 hrs

October 10, 2008

Starting at 6:00 pm PST tonite (Friday)I am going to turn on my webcam and leave it on for 48 hrs. You may hear music playing, see my wife (or me) coming out of the shower, my daughter yelling at me, my dogs crapping in my studio or just an empty room. I will probably do a Rock and Roll Geek Show as well during that time.
The chat will also be open.

You can tune in here at or at

Rock and Roll Geek 327 – Pamela Des Barres and Other Guilty Pleasures

October 4, 2008

On this show I play an interview with legendary ‘supergroupie’ Pamela Des Barres, a Listening With Butler segment, show reviews from friends of the show, audio comments, a guilty pleasure song from Rick Springfield and other music that I love. Make sure you pick up one of Pamela’s books by clicking on the links in these show notes. [Read more]

Rock and Roll Geek Gadget Guide 3 – Speck and JBL

October 4, 2008

Gadgets for the Rock and Roll Geek

Speck See-Thru
JBL Reference 610 bluetooth headphone