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The Greatness of Dan Baird – Rock and Roll Geek Show 763

March 25, 2017

On this episode I talk about our trip to New York to see Dan Baird and Homemade Sin. Also a Listening With Butler payola edition.

Music by:

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Nashville Or Bust Special Announcement

March 24, 2017

This is a bonus episode simulcast by a bunch of podcasting nerds who are way more important than your host.

Nashville Rock n Pod Expo

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Black Star Riders Heavy Fire Track By Track Review – Rock and Roll Geek Show 762

March 8, 2017

On this episode I do a track by track review of the 3rd record by Black Star Riders, Heavy Fire.

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 761 – Nashville Or Bust

March 6, 2017

On this episode I play a brand new “country” song from Ginger Wildheart,  some payola songs, another edition of Will It Hold Up?  and a lot more music.

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Rock and Roll Geek Show 760 – Australian Beer Payola

February 18, 2017

On this episode I talk about my love for payola, sending me to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, play some great new music, do a new segment called Will It Hold Up, all while I get progressively drunk off of Cooper Ale. It goes from bad to worse in an hour and a half. And when I got too buzzed I forgot to wish a speedy recovery for my friend Michael Kirk, the self proclaimed Rock n Roll Negro, who was hospitalized after having a stroke.

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Wyldlife – Out On Your Block Track By Track Review

February 8, 2017

My good friend and brother in Rock and Roll, Casey Crenshaw, joins me in studio and we review the new record from Wyldlife, Out On Your Block
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Steve Conte Interview and International Cover Up Track By Track Commentary

February 3, 2017

On this episode I speak to the great Steve Conte and we do a track by track commentary of his latest album, International Cover Up.

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Rock And Roll Geek Show 757 – Stretch

January 31, 2017

On this episode I get back on the horse, read some hate mail, play a show review of Rick Derringer and play some good music.

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Groupies – Rock and Roll Geek Show 756

January 19, 2017

On this episode I talk to a self proclaimed, proud groupie. Her name is Chanty Savicky and she hosts a podcast called Muses and Stuff. We talk about groupies, her groupie experiences, and how  I have no clue about what the kids today are into.

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Top Rock Albums of 2016

January 10, 2017

On this episode I count down my favorite albums of 2016.

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