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Frank Dimino Interview and Dimino Old Habits Die Hard Track By Track Commentary

February 20, 2016

Frank Dimino of Angel comes on the show today. We talk a lot about Angel and then we do a track by track commentary of Frank’s solo album – Dimino OLD HABITS DIE HARD

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Whitford St. Holmes – Reunion Track by Track Review – Rock and Roll Geek Show 683

February 12, 2016

On this episode I play a world premiere of a new song by Torpedohead and then do a track by track review of the new record from Whitford St. Holmes called Reunion. The record is only available at their shows so far.

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Make Rock n Roll Great Again – Rock and Roll Geek Show 682

February 2, 2016

On this episode I talk about a lot of things. Among them: Bands who have been snubbed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, An audio review of a book called Van Halen Rising, the Phil Anselmo Pantera debacle and much more.

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